Biro & Sons


Biro & Sons is a legendary San Francisco silversmith company who’s history dates back to 1945.

Biro & Sons is one of the best-known silversmith companies in the San Biro logo smallFrancisco Bay Area. Over the years, the Biro family has made its mark restoring family heirlooms, maintaining America’s Cup, and supplying five star resorts, country clubs and hotels around the world with a classic line of holloware.

Fourteen years ago, the Biros had a website created as a way to gain greater exposure and to let visitors know of all the services they offered, including their then new line of Mediterranean holloware purchased by resorts, casinos and country clubs.

While the website had been updated here and there, the family realized it was time for a new look. The former website designer suggested the Biros call us and we were grateful for the referral.

Their number one concern: don’t make the website flashy. They wanted to convey old world craftsmanship at every possible turn. And while that meshes with our philosophy that clarity influences more successfully than flash, there had to be something dynamic happening.

We delivered a website that was clean and simple, without being boring. One thing that helped was the use of professional photographer Don Hoekwater, who spent a day in the business taking photos of the Biro’s team at work, the family, and the team behind the name.

The copy for the website needed to be on point and convey Biro’s value proposition — craftsmanship, history, legacy — quickly and easily. We did that by writing the story as it is and not making things up to create a false impression. Again, the client demanded that and it matches our ongoing philosophy.

Towards the end of the project, the Biro team was open to additional marketing ideas. We suggested, and executed, a Facebook page to extend their reach. We also suggested integrating a postcard campaign that they’d started with the Shop Talk page on the website. Of course, any efforts there will be matched on the company’s Facebook page to maximize their return on investment.