Sebastopol Guest House

Brand, Website, Engagement

The Sebastopol Guest House is a casual, fun and comfortable home that’s within walking distance to town and short drives to the legendary vineyards of Sonoma County and the stunning beaches of Bodega Bay.

SGH LogoAny new business needs to have a clearly defined strategy, identity, and purpose. That’s especially true when that business is opening in a highly competitive market, such as hospitality.

The owner of the newly opened Sebastopol Guest House approached us to help with identity definition, mark development, website execution and the creation of content that could be used across a number of different applications.

Our first step, as always, was to spend time with the client to get a sense of their vision. With that information in mind, we investigated similar businesses and got our designer on the case.

At the same time, we began to develop the website look. We knew it had to show off the features of the Guest House, so big photos and minimal copy at front and photos on the inside pages of the space. We wanted to also let potential visitors know what was happening around town and within a short drive, so we created The Scene page.

The copy had to do a number of things — work on the SGH website, on a listing website and on collateral material that will developed later on — but brevity was the key. It also had to tell the story of the Guest House and pique the interest of potential visitors in Sonoma County.