What Community Organizing Can Teach Us About Social Media Marketing

Coming from a background in community organizing, Bianca Rosen felt out of her element in social media marketing. She came to realize the two aren't so different and that marketers have a lot to learn from organizers.

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Duct Tape Marketing

Let’s start with an understanding: businesses run at breakneck speeds because sales and service are what keep the doors open. We get it. Here’s the big BUT: if those businesses are working without a solid marketing plan, then their marketing efforts are going to get confusing and ugly, potentially turning off the next wave of [...]

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The Art of Consistency

Let’s talk for a second about consistency and its importance. In fact, let’s frame the discussion with a quote from John Wooden: “Little Things Make Big Things Happen.” First, what are the Big Things? Fairly obvious, right? In marketing and communications, they are: return on investment, impact, recollection, information broadcast, behavior change and, the holy [...]

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In Defense of Content

Just the other day, I was on the phone with Judi Muller, the designer I work with on the Williams-Sonoma’s Connoisseur newsletter, and we got to talking about the projects she’s working on at her agency, Media 27. They do some great work over there and have a great eye for style, design and photography. [...]

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The Year of Being Proactive

Many businesses have taken a reactive marketing position ever since budgets began to tighten and fears ticked upward. Rather than being out in front and leading the way — proactive marketing — they are electing to respond to what their competitors are doing with little foresight to where they want to push their own marketing [...]

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