Duct Tape Marketing

Let’s start with an understanding: businesses run at breakneck speeds because sales and service are what keep the doors open. We get it. Here’s the big BUT: if those businesses are working without a solid marketing plan, then their marketing efforts are going to get confusing and ugly, potentially turning off the next wave of [...]

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The Art of Consistency

Let’s talk for a second about consistency and its importance. In fact, let’s frame the discussion with a quote from John Wooden: “Little Things Make Big Things Happen.” First, what are the Big Things? Fairly obvious, right? In marketing and communications, they are: return on investment, impact, recollection, information broadcast, behavior change and, the holy [...]

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In Defense of Content

Just the other day, I was on the phone with Judi Muller, the designer I work with on the Williams-Sonoma’s Connoisseur newsletter, and we got to talking about the projects she’s working on at her agency, Media 27. They do some great work over there and have a great eye for style, design and photography. [...]

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The Year of Being Proactive

Many businesses have taken a reactive marketing position ever since budgets began to tighten and fears ticked upward. Rather than being out in front and leading the way — proactive marketing — they are electing to respond to what their competitors are doing with little foresight to where they want to push their own marketing [...]

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Looking in the Mirror

There’s an old adage that businesses that don’t take stock are doomed for failure. Well, after an extremely interesting year, F.W.I.W. Creative, LLC and Tidal Wave Social’s principal David Farinella has spent the past month looking at where we’ve been, what we’ve been doing and where we want to go. It was eye opening in [...]

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