Looking in the Mirror

There’s an old adage that businesses that don’t take stock are doomed for failure. Well, after an extremely interesting year, F.W.I.W. Creative, LLC and Tidal Wave Social’s principal David Farinella has spent the past month looking at where we’ve been, what we’ve been doing and where we want to go. It was eye opening in [...]

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Devereaux, Kuhner & Chin Launches

F.W.I.W Creative is proud to announce the launch (and office opening) of Devereaux, Kuhner & Chin LLP, a full-service accounting firm based in San Francisco and Menlo Park. The F.W.I.W. Creative team was actively involved in identifying and creating a logo for the new firm and presenting principals Mark Devereaux, David Kuhner and Karisa Chin [...]

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Playing with Stuntbird Games

The team from Stuntbird Games has turned to F.W.I.W. Creative and Tidal Wave Social to help execute its publicity and social media campaigns, as well as provide strategic guidance and content. Stuntbird Games is the brainchild of Dean Ruggles, a veteran game developer with experience at Activision, Sony and Sega. The new company will be [...]

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Hiring a Pro

There is no way that this is going to sound objective. In fact, it’s damn-near self-promotional. Well, actually, it’s more profession-promotional than self… Anyway. Just letting you know that right off the top.Last week I was on the phone with an old friend and sometime client, talking about some website and PR work he needed. [...]

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What Williams-Sonoma Has Taught Us (more than what pan to use to Fricassee)

Williams-Sonoma has been a client of F.W.I.W. Creative for over ten years now, and with every year that passes, we have been impressed with how the company encourages and inspires their thousands of associates around the United States and Canada. The key to that success, the Williams-Sonoma model has taught us, starts from the inside [...]

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J. Ogden White Associates Project Wraps

F.W.I.W. Creative has delivered all pieces of collateral material and launched the J. Ogden White Associates’ new Web presence. Jonathan White writes: “Thank you very much for all your great work. More importantly, thank you for all your professional support above and beyond our agreement. It is a pleasure working with you, and I look [...]

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F.W.I.W. Creative Signs on to Help Alex Speaks

F.W.I.W. Creative is proud to announce that it has signed on to provide communications, public relations and social media counsel and strategy for Alex Speaks, a San Francisco-based nonprofit organization dedicated to helping Bay Area schools that are serving autistic children, while also raising awareness to the causes and treatments for this silent disease. Alex [...]

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J. Ogden White Associates Turns to F.W.I.W. Creative for Identity and Brand Exploration

Jonathan White came to F.W.I.W. Creative shortly after opening his boutique executive search firm with a very straight-ahead assignment — design and implement an identity that communicated trust, experience and integrity. F.W.I.W. has been tasked with the firm’s initial web presence, collateral material and announcement card.

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F.W.I.W. Creative Launches Bigham-Taylor Roofing, Inc.’s New Web Presence

When Bigham-Taylor Roofing, Inc. first staked its claim on the Internet 10 years ago a template website seemed to make good sense. After all, they reasoned, a website served as a virtual brochure and calling card. Then, as the company began to actively marketing itself, it founded it needed something more dynamic and interactive. [...]

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10 Years On… Williams-Sonoma & F.W.I.W. Creative

For the 10th consecutive year, the Store Operations Communications team at Williams-Sonoma, Inc. is turning to F.W.I.W. Creative to provide editorial direction and content for its monthly newsletter, Connoisseur.“David always makes us feel like our newsletter, which is one of the most important ways we communicate with our store associates, his top priority,” remarks Caroline [...]

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