Project Description

According to Atomic Productions Executive Producer Danny Angotti there was a lot not to like about his previous website. You can call Danny and ask him. He’s not shy. We were initially asked to come in and fix some of those things, clean up the company’s SEO strategy and execution, and update some pages. Then Danny made a list of all the other things he wanted to be done.

So, we started building a new website.

Considering Atomic Productions works in a visual medium, we wanted to set the stage for their work to shine. That meant an open design with a lot of videos and on-set photography.

We also wanted to make sure to show off their breadth of work that included corporate videos, commercials, digital content, and long-form features. So, we added as much video as possible and detailed what went into each shoot in a project story.

Our goal was to give viewers a well-rounded look into Atomic Productions. We think we did it. Danny says he likes it. That’s good enough for us.