Project Description

The Compass Made story dates back to 1979 when the company’s owner Jack Maxwell launched a business he hoped would provide clients with reliable and high-quality cables, harnesses, and components.

Over the years, Maxwell grew the business to become one of the region’s top contract manufacturers, serving industry leaders in the transportation, semiconductor, industrial, entertainment, and energy sectors.

While the company grew, it’s branding, marketing, and digital presence remained static. After 20 years, Compass’ senior management decided it was time for a change.

Farinella was brought in to help the company refine and upscale its branding, create new photo and video assets, launch a new website, and deliver a marketing communications strategy to help Compass compete in a growing market.

The Name

We heard throughout discussions with senior management that Compass Components, Inc. (the name the company had been using) did not reflect where they hoped to grow. Rather than components, leadership felt that cable and harness design, engineering, and manufacturing along with electromechanical manufacturing and assembly was the way of the future.

We discussed a handful of names, but when Compass Made was presented it became the company’s top choice. The name is a statement of quality and pride so that whenever it was seen the company’s promise is expressed.

Logo and Brand Voice

With a new name in hand, we began working on how to bring Compass Made to life with a logo and brand voice.

Our senior designer presented more than a dozen logos that expressed the brand promise in many ways. We looked at different marks, fonts, and sizes. We showed and refined, looking for a logo that was expressive and aspirational.

The Maxwells chose the winning logo because it matched their hope for Compass Made and set the company up for future success.

We presented many color palettes, all of them created to stand out from the company’s competitors. During a meeting with the owners and management, Cathy Maxwell asked about using Jack’s favorite colors: purple and orange. The scheme fit well upon application to the logo and is different enough to make it unique.

At the same time, we explored a new Compass Made brand voice. We aimed for equal parts authoritative, helpful, and respectful to match Jack Maxwell’s history and the leadership’s philosophy of service. All of our external and internal communications are rooted in that voice.

Brand Book, Identity and Stationary

Ensuring brand consistency, especially with all new logos and colors, is crucial. A brand book, therefore, is a must have and we created one to help our team, the Compass Made internal team, and the company’s vendors.

During that effort, our designers established how Compass Made should extend its logo on business cards, letterhead, envelopes, websites, and promotional items.

Each execution takes advantage of the iconography and textures our design team created, adding interest to each piece.

Visual Assets

Telling the story of any company needs to happen in both word and image. We knew that the Compass facilities in Fremont and Deming were great settings for photos and video. We tapped our partners at Atomic Productions, and they delivered a rich collection of assets that we used on the new Compass Made website, in advertising, and across social media channels.


It’s no longer news that customers — current and potential —learn about, verify capabilities, and understand expertise, through a website. Compass Made was going to be no different, especially since we were working with a new name and new focus.

The Compass Made website needed to provide information about the company, its facilities, and its capabilities. We wanted to make it simple for visitors to find the information they needed and graphically pleasing to keep them around. Content reinforced the company’s brand voice and aspirations.

We also designed the website to be a launch pad for ongoing communications and marketing efforts. We intend to use the blog page to write about project stories, operational philosophies, and personnel spotlights.

We also made sure that all pages are optimized for search engines, keywords were used throughout the content, and all SEO best practices were put to use.

Social Media

After surveying the industry’s use of social media, we recommended and launched social media accounts on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

We plan on utilizing these social media networks to introduce customers to Compass Made’s capabilities and experience.


During the creation of the Compass Made logo and deliverables, company leadership asked for a marketing and communications strategy plan.

We recommended an integrated marketing plan that included digital advertising, print advertising, social media, public relations, and trade shows.

Our strategy was designed to answer the company’s need to raise awareness, communicate expertise, and drive new business.