Project Description

The Story

In 2014, Global Cash Access, Inc., acquired Multimedia Games, Inc. One year later, the company created a new singular brand —one that represents to casino operators and patrons the company’s multifaceted offerings — Everi.

The Max Borges Agency engaged Farinella to act as the agency’s creative services arm in February 2015. MBA tasked Farinella with all creative imagining and execution, along with project and vendor management.

In mid-February, we started with a kick-off meeting in Austin, Texas.

The Name 

We needed to uncover, vet, and begin creative around a new name without delay. The best bet — pick a name the company owned, yet wasn’t well known.

The name Everi surfaced after running through a handful of options.

The name is open, confident, big, and optimistic. It represents the company’s existing businesses, but still is broad enough to include future acquisitions.

The Identity Exploration 

Because a brand is equal parts product and people, we set out to understand Everi’s strengths and weaknesses.

We also wanted to understand Everi’s language so that the identity we built felt authentic to them.

To that end, we

  • surveyed 863 employees (60 percent response rate)
  • conducted 30 interviews with Executive Management and Key Leaders
  • led Brand Workshops with 20 Key Employees in Austin and Las Vegas

Everi’s Identity 

We uncovered and refined a set of Brand Values for the company and developed Everi’s Promise and Voice.

Everi’s Promise is confident possibility.

Everi’s Voice is strong, confident, and exciting.

Look Exploration 

Meanwhile, we imagined and drafted hundreds of logo concepts, color options, graphic styles, and fonts.

Our goal—deliver a logo featuring dynamic clarity with a touch of intrigue. You see it. You get it. But, maybe there’s more.

Ultimately, we wanted the logo to stand out on a busy casino floor.

Everi’s Voice 

Everi promises a new way of doing business. To convey that, we designed Everi’s voice to be confident, helpful, exciting, and respectful.

We carefully designed and strategically based the Everi Brand Voice on the company’s Brand Values, Mission Statement, and Message Maps.

Everi’s Look

We designed Everi’s new logo, color palette, and visual approach to attract patron attention on a busy casino floor.

We wanted the logo to act as a beacon for patrons looking for a secure transaction and an exciting game experience.

We opted for strength in the mark and luxury in the color.

Everi Brand Book

To ensure close adherence to the new Everi brand, and to maximize the effectiveness of upcoming corporate communications, we created a 68-page Brand Book.

We were careful to detail how to use the logo, offer tips on effective writing, and detail the new Everi Voice and Tone.

Telling the Story 

Once we established the brand look and voice, we started to develop ways to tell the Everi story.

A brand video and website were musts.

Both had to meet Farinella’s philosophy that clarity influences more than cleverness.

Everi Brand Video 

Our goal with the brand video was to honor GCA and Multimedia Games’ legacy, while explaining Everi’s strength and promise.

Our team developed the concept and story with the client, then spent days in Las Vegas and Austin, shooting the video at a number of locations and interviewing key personnel.

The result answered the challenge. Everi now uses this video on its website and in other marketing efforts.

The Everi Website 

Our goal for the Everi website was to make sure visitors could get the information they needed easily.

Moreover, this website needs to

  • convey the company’s promise
  • detail its products offerings
  • act as a library for support and marketing documents used by casino clients

We developed the wireframe, created designs, wrote copy, and built from scratch a WordPress-based website that could evolve as the company succeeded.

Marketing Collateral and Advertising 

Everi advertises new games and cabinets in regional and trade publications, so we designed slick templates for them to use. We also provided copy for a number of ads.

In addition, we created sales slicks that Everi’s sales teams could use for client meetings and new business pitches. We also provided templates and copy for a handful of Payments and Games offerings.

A Worldwide Debut 

Everi debuted on the world stage August 24, 2015, when senior management appeared on the New York Stock Exchange dais and rang the opening bell.

Farinella and Max Borges Agency trained Everi’s Chief Executive Officer Ram Chary for media interviews and worked closely with the NYSE for the morning’s events.

We also coordinated the brand’s online launch and provided guidance for the day’s social media campaign, offering the #everipowers hashtag.

The Industry Debut 

Everi debuted before the industry at the Global Gaming Expo 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Farinella team consulted with the client and Derse, the company engaged to build the trade show booth, to ensure the new Everi brand was reflected in the booth’s execution.