Project Description

The request was clear: “I need help to take this brand to the next level.”

Figuring out just what that meant and how we could help was equally apparent.

John Bettencourt is the exclusive distributor of Heidenau tires in the United States through his company Moto Amore, LLC. John had been leading the marketing and communications charge for Heidenau, along with running a North American distribution business for a handful of other brands.

Our first charge was to understand the brand’s challenges and opportunities.

We saw an opening to refine the brand’s look and voice that would apply to Heidenau’s website, advertising, collateral materials, and social media accounts. John agreed, and we got to work.

The new Heidenau logo was simplified and cleaned up. We removed the drop shadow and italics before streamlining the company’s typeface.

We created a Brand Book to drive our next efforts, which included a catalog and brochure.

One of the larger projects was rebuilding the company’s website. We opted for a custom designed and coded WordPress site that took advantage of the amazing user-generated content that Heidenau fans produce. We aimed to show off the company’s long history, vast product offerings, and establish a communications launch pad.

To build deeper relationships with Heidenau, we helped formalize an Ambassador program. We are working with riders around the world, collecting stories for use on the company’s website and its social media channels.

The Farinella team is also managing Heideanu’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts, producing content and engaging with fans and followers.

We continue to help Heidenau look for ways to connect and drive sales, including digital advertising, social media campaigns, and content marketing.