Project Description

It’s challenging to avoid puns when talking about RiDE Oakland. We could spin the story one way or try to pedal it another. Let’s, as my old friend used to say, keep it simple.RiDE is a community that’s passionate about fitness, healthy lifestyles, and good living. The community has grown from owner Deb Collard’s garage to a studio on Piedmont Avenue.

RiDE’s instructors are actively involved in posting to Facebook and Instagram and have built a strong following. But, they, and the studio needed some help in focusing the message, being consistent in their postings, and engaging with their fans and followers.

The assignment was clear: help create social media posts that were inspiring and informative, increase our list of Facebook and Instagram followers, and assist the RiDE team in engaging with their community.

Beyond organic posts, we recommended that RiDE follow through on creating a blog that would interest their audience. We helped build it out on their existing website and write two monthly posts for the blog.

RiDE also connects with its community via a weekly email newsletter, which previously served as a way to let them know what special classes are being offered and a link to book their bikes. We suggested RiDE begin to offer a bit more on each newsletter — tips for a great ride, intros to new instructors, and information about studio happenings. We now manage the weekly email newsletter, providing content and design, before sending it out via MailChimp.

The combination of social engagement, blog posts, and a more robust newsletter is helping RiDE maintain and grow its base of riders.