Project Description

Any new business needs to have a well-defined strategy, identity, logo, and website. That’s doubly true when that business is opening in a highly competitive market, such as hospitality.

Proprietor Lori Solomon knew that as she was planning to open the Sebastopol Guest House, a boutique vacation rental property just outside of Sonoma County’s wine country.

So, she approached us to help define the identity of SGH, create a logo, and build a website. Our goal in all executions was to show the property’s charm and to give potential visitors a sense of what they could experience in the area.

We also created content to be used across a number of marketing, advertising, and social media applications.

Our first step, as always, was to spend time with the client to get a sense of their vision. Then we investigated similar local businesses and the area, which was a snap since our creative strategist grew up in nearby Healdsburg.

Our designer delivered concepts that blended the vibe of the Guest House and the area. We refined the logo’s color and font to extend the brand image.

At the same time, we began to develop the website look. We knew, especially in this market, that images spoke louder than copy. So, we delivered pages showing the exterior and interior of the property with as little copy as possible. We also wanted to give potential visitors an idea of what was happening in town and the surrounding areas, so we created The Scene page that could be updated easily.