Project Description

Selix Formalwear was an institution for 100-plus years. It was THE place to rent tuxedos and suits for any special occasion. In fact, ask any of the cool dudes who went to a prom in high school (not bitter) or got married where they got their tuxedos and we’ll betcha they got it from Selix.

The company enjoyed a massive market share for decades.  However, competitors came in the shape of big box stores and other formalwear chains. The company looked to raise their profile through a radio advertising spot run across San Francisco Bay Area stations at peak times. The goal was to entertain and inform, letting wedding planners know that Selix was there to take care of any need they had.

We delivered the concept and script for this spot. It ran on a variety of stations for multiple weeks during the wedding season.

Listen to the spot at SoundCloud here.