Project Description

The North Face is undergoing a bit of a brand renaissance, looking for ways to better engage its customers. The brand’s Store Operations team wanted to help and went looking for a way to inspire its retail associates. The department does a great job communicating corporate directions through a weekly email newsletter and intranet. What they wanted was a communications tool to build enthusiasm by showing how associates from around North America were living out the company’s new Four Territories philosophy.

Farinella was tapped to help build that communications device. The Store Operations team felt a full-color magazine style newsletter was the answer. So, we got to work creating a look and editorial voice.

The goal, as always, is to uncover that true spirit. Our team spent some time reading, studying, visiting, and talking to members of the Store Operations team and associates. That homework informed our editorial angles and design choices.

Our TOC was designed to inform, inspire, and congratulate. Content included letters from leaders of the Store Operations team, profiles of the company’s new regional managers, an article about a new big bet product (the Access pack), and a piece where associates talked up their favorite local outdoor spot.

The design was driven by The North Face’s brilliant established look while adding a lifestyle-magazine flair. The company has amazing photography that we took full advantage of, and a well-defined brand feel. We added an open design structure so that photography and white space dominated each page.

The final deliverable was handed off to the printer on a tight deadline and copies sent to stores across North America. The response has been positive and has inspired ongoing communication between associate and Store Operations team, as intended.