Project Description

Over the past 85-plus years running their business, the family behind (the newly named) Tri-Valley Logistics has evolved to meet ongoing client needs. That’s meant being a local residential moving company, a business relocation expert, a trade show transportation provider.

In 2017, the company evolved again at the behest of its client list to include trade show logistics. Finding it a comfortable shift, Rick and Matt Hevener decided it was the time that its name matched its offerings.

We were brought in to help find that new name, create a brand, design business cards and stationery, and build a website.

Many discussions were had with Rick, Matt, MaryAnna, and Joanna Hevener about where the company had been and where it was going. We experimented with a variety of names to match their plans. We wanted something reflective of their history (Tri-Valley) and descriptive enough where potential clients would understand what they offered. In their industry, “logistics” does just that.

Next, we began working on a logo, color scheme, and typography. Again, we wanted to honor the company’s long history — thus the vintage truck in the main mark — and lean into the future with a refined font. The choice to go with green was also an homage to the company’s long history with the new defunct Bekins Trade Show business.

Telling the Tri-Valley Logistics story was done through a new website. The client wanted to make sure their customers understood the change to a new name and new look. It was important to the Hevener brothers to have a page where their family’s history in the industry and include photos from their past.

We launched at the end of 2017, giving the company a head start on the new year and new opportunities.